[Shanghai] The Cannery brunch

The Cannery’s brunch menu is an interesting, if not essential addition to Shanghai’s brunch scene, with a fair share of both standouts and letdowns. While the food was not as inspiring as Highline’s brunch menu, the ambiance was a lot less frantic, making it a good destination for a quieter, more laid-back brunch.

[Shanghai] Bo Shanghai

Bo Shanghai’s techniques are very far from Chinese cooking, but the food is noticeably inspired by the flavors and traditions of China. Their creations often take the spirit of China’s regional cuisines and come up with an entirely reimagined rendition, keeping me on my toes with a sense of discovery, but, at the same time, comforting with its familiarity.

[Shanghai] Chop Chop Club

From a certain angle, the Chop Chop Club can feel somewhat old-fashioned. And yet, nothing here tastes old. Everything that comes out of the kitchen dances across the taste buds with vigor and liveliness, the flavors uncomplicated and remarkably easy to love. There is nothing fancy or terribly intricate about the cooking here, only a heady, engaging combination of energy, heartiness, and unabashed indulgence, livened up with a touch of Paul Pairet’s whimsical imagination.

[Shanghai] Racines

A cozy French bistro by Japanese chef Kenji Ishibashi, Racines is a hidden gem in the truest sense of the word. Discreetly located in a quiet residential building behind a rather nondescript door, Racines is certainly not a restaurant you’d stumble across. But if you know what you’re looking for, Racines is one of most invigorating French bistros in town, a compelling meeting of French techniques and Japanese sophistication.

[Shanghai] Highline brunch

Running the gamut from Southern comfort food to hippie Cali fare, Highline’s brunch is vibrant and energetic without seeming frantic or forced. Chef Bautista and Chef Jorgensen sure know how to chase away the kind of monotony common to many brunch menus in Shanghai, but the thing is, they also know when to stop.

[Shanghai] Capo at Rockbund

In a breath of fresh air for Shanghai’s Italian dining scene, Capo at Rockbund offers a modern take on classic Italian fare, an exciting array of invigoratingly modernized dishes born from traditional Italian classics.

[Shanghai] Brut Cake Café

Brut Cake Café is a charming, light-filled space sitting on a quiet intersection on Yu Yuan Road, offering a fantastic menu and a warm, inviting ambiance. Whether you’re looking for a delicious brunch with friends, a quick solo meal, or just a good cup of coffee and a quiet place to work, Brut Cake Café will deliver.

[Shanghai] Taian Table

It is rare to have the chance to watch a restaurant find its voice and grow into its ambitions. When that happens, the experience can be fantastic and thrilling. I found that thrill at Taian Table. Over the nine months since it opened, it has been a pleasure watching the evolution of each menu, and seeing the restaurant get into its rhythm.